BVA Hip Scoring

July 13th 2020 BVA Hip Scoring Moy Vets- “New Normal”

I would just like to update you on the current situation at Moy Vets regarding Hip and Elbow X-raying for the BVA. We really miss seeing you all and being able to provide this valuable service.

We have been advised that the BVA have resumed scoring of radiographs. They are starting with those that hadn’t been scored from prior to Covid 19 starting.

At Moy Vets we will be starting by contacting clients who had an appointment that was previously booked and we have had to cancel due to lockdown. We will then work our way through the list we have compiled as you have emailed us during the Covid period.


Our phone lines are incredibly busy and WE WILL RING YOU TO RESCHEDULE CANCELLED APPOINTMENTS and contact those on the waiting list.

THIS WILL TAKE TIME so please be patient with us and kind to our reception team as we try to catch up.

When we book your appointment we will email details of how we will be managing things in the clinic for your appointment. There will be changes to allow everyone to keep safe.

If you would like to be placed on our list, please contact the clinic via email at providing your name and address and phone numbers (landline and mobile) and the name of the pet/s to be scored so we can identify you on our system or add you to our system if you are a new client.  Please ensure you have given us as much information as you can at this time.

YOUR DETAILS                  


Address (including postcode)

Telephone No

Mobile No

Email address


Kennel club name, pet name in brackets





We hope you and your families are well at this time and keeping safe.  We look forward to see you as soon as we can.

Warmest Regards

Michelle and all the Team at Moy Vets

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