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BVA Hip & Elbow Scoring at Moy Vets – Update 14th April 2021 

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At Moy Vets our Vets and Vet Nurses are experienced in taking quality x-rays under sedation for the British Veterinary Association (BVA) Canine Health schemes. Hip and Elbow X-rays are taken under reversible sedation so you are able to wait whilst the procedure is carried out. Whilst waiting, you can have a brew and a chat with the staff or other breeders that may be here.

Moy Vets also offer the added service of a prediction of the scores before they are submitted to the BVA, this will be done by Michelle Lingard who was trained extensively by Mark Lingard.

BVA Hip X-rays

Hip dysplasia is a common inherited orthopaedic problem of the dog. Hip dysplasia involves abnormal development of the structures that make up the hip joint leading to subsequent joint deformity. The BVA has the following PDF documents providing further information:

BVA Elbow X-rays

Elbow dysplasia means, ‘abnormal development of the elbow’. The term includes a number of specific abnormalities that affect different sites within the joint. These cause problems by affecting growth of the cartilage which forms on the surface of the joint or the structures around it. The following BVA PDF document provides further information:

To check if you feel your breed is relevant to the scheme – follow to the Kennel Club Breed Information Centre

For pricing and appointments please contact your local Moy Vets branch

Owners should be aware:

  • The dog must be at least one year old, but there is no upper age limit.
  • The dog must be permanently and uniquely indentified by way of microchip or tattoo (micro-chipping can be done at Moy Farm on the day)
  • You will need to bring all Kennel club registration documents with you on the day.
  • You will be required not to feed the dog on the morning of the x-rays.

What to expect

On arriving at the clinic, please present all documents to the receptionist. A nurse will then admit the dog, once admitted the dog will receive a full health check from the Vet and will be sedated with an injection into the muscle. Once the sedation has taken effect the x-rays will be taken and the dog will be woken after the team are satisfied with the x-ray’s quality, the process normally lasts less than two hours, however, the effect of sedation is dog dependant and the time taken for the sedation to take effect may vary.

Here at Moy Vets, Michelle Lingard MRCVS offers a unique service and will give owners a prediction of the BVA hip or elbow score before the x-rays are sent away to the British Veterinary Association.

Prices for submission to the BVA for Hip and Elbow scoring can be found on the BVA website. Website links to the BVA are used here by kind permission of the BVA.

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