Natalie Holtappel wrote …. 

Friendly helpful staff, great facilities and first class service….

Marjorie Miller-fieldhouse wrote …

Friendly staff and they really care about your pet and do a marvellous job looking after their health. The care and support they showed when we had to say goodbye to our darling Woody was amazing.

Kirsty Howson wrote …

Many thanks for returning Storms Hip and Elbow Scores so promptly – which of course I am very pleased with. I would like to say well done and thank you to all the staff for such a welcoming and professional service

Mr Tripp wrote …

Thank you so much for the great service we received yesterday evening when unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our dear cat Justin. Everything was handled very professionally giving our little pal the dignity he deserved in his final hour (there was even a candle lit for him on the reception desk when we came out of the consultation room).

Emma Anyon-Betson wrote …

The staff at Moy have always taken very good care of our babies and especially recently when our boy Jett had a bad accident while we were away, he is doing amazing and we cannot thank you all enough for everything you have done!!! Looking forward to starting the laser pain relief soon.

Judith Black 

The staff at Moys are fantastic, each and everyone making you feel relaxed and comfortable whilst having your pet treated. Would highly recommend them.

Kate and Peter wrote …

These few days have been very hard to cope with and we are completely devastated. The only saving grace is we have always had the most excellent Moy Vets keeping our beloved friends fit and healthy. We have been able to trust you all completely with their care.

Last Friday was a difficult time but Kellie and Graham were both caring and companionate in dealing not only with Nutmeg but also with a very upset pair of owners.

We will be seeing you all from time to time as we have Lexi our beautiful cat, for you to continue your care.

Mike Holden

All the staff at the Thornton practice have been fantastic recently both with the loss of our 2 older cats, Pebbles and BamBam over the last couple of months and with looking after our two new Savannah kittens, Savanah and Skyla. They really can’t do enough for you. Thanks

Paul Robinson wrote …..

Great Vets offering a comprehensive service and treatment for all domestic animals. Staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Probably one of the best veterinary services in the country and one we trust implicitly to look after our fur babies.

Fantastic purpose built Vets. Offering great Veterinary services. The staff are very friendly and professional. They provide treatments, check ups and emergency services for all you pet needs. Cannot recommend enough. Deserve 6 starts

Yvonne Felton 

This is an excellent vet practice with wonderful caring staff from the receptionists and nurses right up to the Vets. Cannot fault them.

Hayley Ann wrote ….

I just want to say a massive thank you to the Team at Hambleton who looked after my Cavvie, Coco today.  I was put ar ease straight away by the Receptionist this morning and then by both the Veterinary nurses I met who gave Coco lots of affection and explained everything I needed to know. Finally,  a big thank you to Audrey who performed the surgery.

Having a team who show your pet the same care and love you would means the whole world.

Thank you from Hayley and Coco Pop

Jessica Louise wrote … 

Another great visit to Moy’s with one of my girls for Hip and Elbow scoring, this time with Skye who after a long journey was feeling a little worse for wear due to travel sickness. Que lots of  fusses and reassurance from all the staff and she left a very happy girl again. Big thank you to Michelle as always for taking the time to go through things and answering any questions.

P.S. Loving the new premises!

Jill McEwan, Hellensburgh wrote …

To Michelle and colleagues.

I would like to express my thanks to all the staff at Moy Vets, Hambleton for the care and attention they gave my Portuguese Pointer, Dimas when he came in for hip scoring yesterday morning.

I was impressed with the lovely practice but more impressed with all the staff whom I came into contact with. For the explanations given beforehand and the interpretation of the x-rays afterwards I thank you.

You should be justifiably proud of yourselves. I only wish you were not over 200 miles away! Dimas’s powers of recovery are better than mine. He was out hunting pheasants at 7.30 this morning! I wanted a lie in!

Thank you once again.

Kind regards
Jill McEwan

Terry Glynn, Liverpool wrote …

I was so pleased that I was able to get reassurance on the phone and thanks for the follow-up call today.  Lovely staff and great service. Totally professional.

Excellent service, they actually care about your pets all the way from the vets to the receptionist. They are very accommodating to you and your pets needs no problem too big or small. I always speak very highly of Moy Vets and recommend them to all. Thank you for being you.

Caroline McBlain wrote ….

I wouldn’t take my dogs any where else, brill service from all the staff. One of my girls (Nuggs) is a soft ass, but you all look after her so well and understand where she is coming from and make her feel comfortable while in your company. Best vets ever.

Steve Pope wrote ….

Mr Chow at my sons’ birthday party. He’s on the mend due to you guys.  The rabbits on the banks of the River Wyre were delighted to see him back ha ha!! Big thank you to Sue White*****

Life’s a game dogs are serious. You’ve all been brilliant and the 9.30 pm phone call from Sue on Friday night showed commitment and total care to dog an owner. Thank you

Richard Williams wrote ….

Dear Team Moy’s. Thank you so much for doing such a brilliant job on Mr Button and also for being so lovely and caring to him at the time of … (indeed throughout) our visit yesterday / and on Facebook too! Very much appreciated!

Everyone we met was welcoming and wonderful to us – and totally professional …

Both Paula (co-owner) and I were impressed and I know that she (as the Basenji ‘expert’ & respected breeder for 20 years plus) truly valued Michelle’s Specialist debrief – as did I! Thanks a million

Andrea and Rob Tattersall with Mac wrote …

Michelle and all the team. Thank you so much for the wonderful care and kidness you showed to Mac (and ourselves).  After a much shorter stay at North West Surgeons than we expected Mac is back home!  He still has a way to go but is making great progress and improving every day.  We have no doubt that this is greatly due to the prompt and concerted care from yourselves. Thanks again! Andrea, Rob …………. and Mac

Diane and Martyn Blythe wrote on behalf of Max….

Martyn and I just wanted to let everyone who was involved with Max, including the Reception Team, know how grateful we were that you were all there to support Max when he needed us all.

To Michelle – thank you for being there straight away to support us all, once again, when I made the call for you.  Your support over the years has been the strength to get through these chapters that we encounter during our time with our beloved animals.  We appreciated that despite a hectic schedule, you found a window of opportunity to be there for Max, Martyn and I, and the Moy Farm Team when we needed you to support us along the way.

To Audrey – many thanks for your un-relentless perseverance and dedication to Max – it never went unnoticed by Martyn and I….

We only had 15 months from getting him form Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary – the previous owner emigrated to Australia.  We were hoping that Max would have a longer time with Martyn and I – it wasn’t about how much time we would get with him …… he seems to have left us too soon but left us with many happy memories….

To Max – every visitor to his home was a potential ‘bean bag’!  Everyone, whether cat lover or not, was sat on. He loved to climb on everyone and sit staring at you with a paw either side of your face – there were many TV programmes we listened to but didn’t actually get to see ….

His other trick was to stand in front of you and reach up like a toddler to be picked up for a cuddle – that worked every time ….

These little souls come into our live to remind us to look after each other, to show kindness to each other and most importantly to ‘live in the moment’ and to get the most out of each day ….

Martyn and I hope to see you all again in the future.  We will, over time, look for another little soul who needs a loving home.  So far, we believe Sam and Max have ‘trained’ us well in the art of keeping cats – but what do we know?

Many thanks to all of you – and for your dedication to animals and for many of you, for sacrificing your personal life in order to achieve your qualification, whatever level they may be, so that the world is better place for animals …..

Kelly Stewart wrote ….

Just want to thank Michelle and the team today for x-raying Tala, Rhana and Jaxson for me for the BVA Scheme.  To say I was impressed is an understatement!  I will be passing on your details to anyone that will listen.

Mrs Quinney wrote ….

Thanks for reminding me by email, what a brilliant idea and I am worming Misty as I email you this, I would have forgotten without this reminder.

The Hamer family wrote …

Our family pet cat sadly was put to sleep tonight. Although the experience was heartbreaking the veterinary surgeon that dealt with us was five star throughout.  She made me understand and feel comfortable with options we have but did not pressurise.  Indeed she was personable friendly and comforting and although she probably deals with situations like ours day in ….. out we felt reassured that Simba 14 years was now in no pain.  Thank you service like this invaluable and scarce.  RIP Simba we love you.

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